Maloca Series

A Maloca is a large communal house inhabited by the indigenous people of the Amazon. In a general sense, it is also a traditional social unit, a type of dwelling whose symbolism represents, for Amazonian communities, a synthesis of the universe. In other words, the Maloca is a divine archetype, the womb of the mother earth, the house of the sun and moon and the receptacle of the celestial ray.

The central and highest part of the Maloca is what represents the world of knowledge. This knowledge is believed to be transmitted by the gods to the first humans and is what allows these communities to thrive and to live in perpetual peace with their environment.

The Shaman of the tribe plays an important part in the preservation of the knowledge within the community. The main way they do so is by carrying out rituals, involving dancing and chanting and by using the sacred plants or substances: tobacco, coca, ayahuasca and yucca. The role of the Shaman in these cases is to be the bridge between the world of the gods and the physical world and to be able to transmit the knowledge gathered to cure people, educate and to secure good harvests throughout the year.

We are extremely proud to work with GAIA AMAZONAS ( ) helping this vulnerable and mystical area of the Amazonas.

Enjoy this amazing video called 'Yaigojé Apaporis'