Qaawa Series [ka-wa]

Qaawa Series from Piglove Brewing is inspired by the Mayan holistic approach was a complex blend of mind, body, religion, ritual and science. Good health was the result of living according to the laws of nature.

After a lot of research, we have interpreted or understood this philosophy as follow (Our interpretation we can be right or very wrong. However, we want you to know a bit more about this fascinating culture)

Mayans treat mental health in a particular way, identifying 3 stages of the illness:

(Hypermnesia) The intuition that something is going to happen (bad feeling, sorrows, desperation, anxiety, and overthinking).

(Spirits Arise) The realisation/materialisation of that feeling shaped into the deepest, dark corners of consciousness (war with metal demons/disease/dark confusing times).

(Cosmovision) Cosmovision and spirituality are simultaneous experiences, acting at the same time, myth and history, death and resurrection. It is a process that allows us to experience life and to be a part of the whole. The acknowledgement of what the problem/s are and as a consequence the new life resolutions to recover from the illness with the help of your community (family and friends).

Mayans connection to the world and the cosmos are the basis of their action, of their thoughts, and their sentiments in life and of life. These expressions of science and spirituality can be found in their astronomy, mathematics, architecture, agricultural systems, medicine, and understanding of the cycles of time, the life of nature and humans, and the relationships between the movements of the stars, the sun, and the moon.

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